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Friday, September 3, 2010

Manual / Online Discount at Order Line level

Based on few leading practices of industries user shall not be able to change list price on order directly. Some or the other justification has to be given. The changes has tobe based on some conditions e.g. Customer / Item / Location etc. Oracle does not allow to change price directly on order line.

In many case user want to change the price on Sales Order line directly without going to some other window and then put some entries. In this case we need to do some setup which enables this functionality, which is called as “Manual / Online Discount”

Below are the steps needs to be done to enable Manual / Online Discount at Order Line level:
  1. Define one Manual Modifier List (uncheck Automatic at header level), although it not mandatory at header level.
  2. Select Header type as "Discount List"
  3. Define one Manual Modifier line (uncheck Automatic at line level) Required
  4. Select checkbox for field ‘Override’ (in Modifier Summary Tab)Required
  5. Select appropriate ‘Pricing Phase’ (in Modifier Summary Tab)
  6. Select ‘Product Attribute’ and ‘Product Attribute Values’ is you want to restrict this to specific cases only.
  7. Populate the field ‘Application Method’ with appropriate value.
  8. Populate either of ‘Values’ or ‘Formula’ field.
  9. If you have any other condition to restrict use of online discount, then use the other field as well as you can use Qualifier to enable extended conditions / filter.
  10. Run ‘Build Attribute Mapping Rules
  11. Now User must be able to change to price column value directly on Sales Order form.
  12. If multiple modifiers exist for manual application, then one pop-up opens showing all eligible modifier and user need to select the desired modifier. (No pop-up in case of single manual modifier)



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