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Monday, May 2, 2011

Rules for Pick Release

Release Rules
  • Release rules define the criteria to be used during Pick Release. Only orders that meet the criteria and are eligible will be released. An order line is eligible if it has completed the prerequisite workflow activities, such as Schedule - Line or Create Supply.
  • When pick release is run, the pick release is performed based on the parameters set up in the selected pick release rule. For example, you can create a specific rule that pick releases only backordered lines.
    • Note: Although you can also enter the pick release criteria at pick release time without creating a rule, creating a rule is more efficient if you frequently run the same pick release. Also, note that it is required when releasing using SRS or when using the Auto Pick Pack and Ship features
  • This is just for Defaulting purpose, you can change the attribute values at the time of Releasing order

Release Sequence Rules
  • You can define release sequence rules to specify the order in which eligible picking lines are allocated to Inventory during pick release. You can release the picking lines by:
    • Order number
    • Outstanding Invoice Value
    • Scheduled Date
    • Departure Date
    • Shipment Priority
  • You can assign a priority level to one or more attributes with 1 being the highest priority and 5 being the lowest. You can also define whether you want the picking lines released in ascending or descending order.
  • For example, if you select the Ascending button for Order, picking lines are released by ascending order number-- Order 1001 is released first, then Order 1002, Order 1003, and so on. If the Descending button is selected, the picking lines are released by descending Order number from highest to lowest.
    • Note: You can define either the Outstanding Invoice Value attribute or the Order attribute for the Release Sequence Rule, but you cannot select both for the same rule. No two attributes can be given the same priority.
  • Release sequence rules can be edited after creating it, but its name cannot be changed.
  • Release Sequence rules determines the order in which inventory is allocated to sales orders. You choose to allocate by order, outstanding Invoice value, Scheduled Date, Departure Date and Shipment Priority.
  • If a company is dealing with very demanding products and has a problem of running out of material before all of their orders have been filled it is very important that they have filled their most important orders first.

  • This Release Seq rule then assigned in Shipping Parameter form. All the release transactions will be done based on this rule for the particular inventory organization.

Picking Rules
  • Picking rules, which are created and maintained in Oracle Inventory, suggest which material to use, based on inventory controls such as revision control, lot control, FIFO (first in first out) or subinventory/locator picking numbers.

  • Picking rule is an Item Attribute. Create a variety of picking rules and associate them with the appropriate items. If there isn’t a Picking Rule associated with the item, the system will use the organizations default picking rule which is found on the Shipping organizations Parameters.

  • Moreover you can do assignment of this rule based on various conditions…

Pick Slip Grouping Rules
  • Pick Slip Grouping Rules organize how released order lines are grouped on Pick Slips for ease of picking. For Example: By using the Pick Slip Grouping Rule as Subinventory, the user can reduce the number of trips to a particular subinventory by grouping all lines for that subinventory on to one Pick Slip.

  • This Pick Slip Grouping rule then assigned in Shipping Parameter form. Grouping of order line on Pick Slip will be done based on this rule for the particular inventory organization.


  1. Excellent article

  2. Very Good Article :)

  3. On the Pick Slip Grouping Rules Form, Source Locator, Item and Revision is greyed-out and I'd like to create a pick slip grouping rule by item. Does anybody know why it's greyed-out?



    1. I am also researching same. Please let me know if anybody find something.

  4. Nice Article.. Can you explain how to enable component picking where WIP and OM are not installed?


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