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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pricing based on quantity range without Price Break feature

How to setup to make a price list line only eligible to a sales order if the line item quantity is at a certain value or range.

Does not want to use price break header functionality because if the item quantity is not in the range, then the pricing engine should look for a different price list.

To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:
     1.    Navigate to: Oracle Pricing Manager (R) > Setup > Attribute Management > Context and Attributes
     2.    Query on:
      Type: Pricing Attribute, Code = PRICING ATTRIBUTE, Name=Pricing Attribute
     3.     Add a record as follows:
      Code: DEV_PRC_BRK (any unique name)
      Column Mapped:PRICING_ATTRIBUTE7 (select one appropriate for the instance)
      Value Set: QP: Number

     4.    Save the changes done.

     5.    Navigate to: Setup > Attribute Management > Attribute Mapping and Linking
Query: Pricing Transaction Entity = Order Fulfillment & Context Type: Pricing Context
Place the cursor on Code = PRICING_ATTRIBUTE

     6.    Click on 'Link Attributes'
Add a pricing attribute:
      Code: DEV_PRC_BRK
      Level: LINE
      Attribute mapping method: ATTRIBUTE MAPPING

     7.    SAVE the record.

     8.    Click on Attribute Mapping (button) to Enter:
        Application name = Advanced pricing
        Under line level enter:
        User Source Type: PL/SQL API

     Save the changes done

     10. Run a concurrent program. From the top menu bar, select Tools > Build Attribute Mapping Rules

     11. Now pull up the price list
      Query the price list line for the item (example: AS54888) and add pricing attribute information
 as it will now be available in the list of values.
      Add a second line for this item and the quantity it applies to by entering the
 newly created pricing attribute. Remember, always add a line along with Pricing Attribute and then SAVE the record.

Let’s see the Pricing attributes values in details for each price list line:

     12. Recommended step : Run QP: Maintains the denormalized data in QP Qualifiers
      Responsibility = Oracle Pricing Manager

     13. Test the functionality built so far:
      Responsibility = Order Management Super User (or equivalent)
      Navigate: Orders, Returns > Sales Orders
      Enter various sales order lines for this item for the various order quantity ranges or value as setup above to confirm that the unit selling price is coming correct.

Reference:  How to Setup to Make a Price List Line Only Eligible to a Sales Order When the Line Item Quantity is at a Certain Value or Range [ID 414254.1]   


  1. Hi,

    I have created price list in R12. But that price list not available in price list LOV of order form. Please help me on this issue.

  2. Hi,

    I am unable to add new item under corporate price list in R12. Adding symbol is grayed out. Please suggest me.



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