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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Credit Check Hold re-evaluations

 If the exposure of a customer is more than the credit limit, then the sales orders for that customer goes on Credit Check Hold at the time of booking. Many time business need to change the credit information of customer of group of customers, even after increasing credit limit earlier booked order remains in Credit Hold. In this case re-evaluation of credit information on sales order for a customer or group of customer needs to be done again.  Or say customer paid for some of the earlier orders and now few new orders needs to process which were on hold.

                In all the above cases a person need to find all the orders which has hold and need to release hold manually after verifying the credit details. During do this activity human error may come or it may take more time in case there are plenty or orders pending. So Oracle has given a concurrent program (Credit Check Processor) using which you can automatically release order or order line credit holds when a customer's credit exposure has been reduced to a point that enables credit checking validation to pass successfully.

Credit Check Processor program:
The Credit Check Processor program can be run on demand to re evaluate Booked orders that have not been shipped yet.
Use the Credit Check Processor when you suspect that your customers credit exposure has changed and you want to re evaluate their sales order status (releasing or applying credit check holds accordingly).
Also use Credit check Processor whenever you change your customer or default credit set up and you want this changes to immediately take affect in your booked sales orders.
The program only can be used if you run credit checking at Book, only for booked
orders (all orders are booked). So just select the parameters and run the program.

NOTE: Oracle does not have any other method to release credit hold on orders in mass.

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