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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Decoding GST for India, Oracle EBS way

Objective of this page is to provide a junction from where people can find their way quickly.

This is an attempt to decode solution offered by Oracle for GST in India.
In this article I am planning to put some important links of documents given by Oracle or created by myself or other generous people who are sharing their efforts.

From myself:

From Oracle

Pre-release Documentation - Phase 2
Document Name
Document Details
This document provides an overview of the capabilities of the phase 2 EBS GST infrastructure including guidance on the features that can be tested based on the scope of this phase.
This document describes how to configure the O2C cycle.
This document describes how to configure the P2P cycle.
This document describes functional flows for Bill of Entry (BOE).
This document describes supported functional flows under IRISO and Inter Org transfer.
This document describes supported functional flows under OSP.
This document describes setups for configuring TDS under the new architecture.
This document describes the procedure for importing taxes from third-party applications to AR and AP Modules in Oracle Financials for India.
This document describes the functional flows and setup procedures for configuring Oracle Financials for India Block of Asset functionality in the Fixed Asset (FA) module.
This document provide guidelines to calculate taxes on transactions initiated from modules that are not localized once it is imported to AR or AP modules.

Below are links to India GST video recordings that provide detailed step-by-step implementation details.

Few more articles from Oracle

From other sites / blogs

Coming soon....


  1. Could you please provide change from existing tax system to GST with respect to Oracle?

  2. Hi Kishor,
    Stay tuned at this blog for GST related articles, start following it to get automatic updates when new article is published.


    1. HI Devendra,

      Could you please tell me what are basic setups for India GST? Please share any related documents

  3. Thanks. Is there an effective transition plan for GST implementation (in Oracle) in India?

  4. Hi Devendra,

    Is there any material available on setting up document sequences under the GST patch. I am new to Oracle and I have to set up GST. I would appreciate any help in understanding how document sequencing works in the GST Patch.


  5. Hi Devendra, Nice information on GST a very well structured documents and video

  6. Hi I have One doubt, What is the use of expense account in the tax type on PO Receipt

  7. Nice post. Thank you for sharing above information that is really beneficial for the people. Equity Market Tips, Free stock Tips, commodity market advisory

  8. Could you please provide accounting entries for O2C and P2P in terms of Oracle GST?

  9. very informative article about gst in India

  10. Can we have the Back end process i.e. tables for P2P flow till GL

  11. Hi

    I am going to configure a new demo instance to focus on India Localization solution. In this regard, I have few clarifications. Should I configure TDS, TCS, BOE related setups in addition to the GST configurations? What is the order of cofigurations? Also would like to know whether the Regime to Rates configuration as per the IL implementation guide (existing prior to GST implementation) should also be executed? Thanks in advance

    Sathyanarayanan N

  12. Hi Devendra , We are implementing GST tax and our requirement is to fetch the tax based on HSN code associated with an Item supplying by any supplier . Also , i have gone through the GST tax set ups and my understanding is to have ITEM in inventory in order to define Item classification and thenafter we can define item category and associated tax code with it .But we have limitation of cannot define item in inventory as we are manufacturing company so cannot define ITEM( which we are taking from supplier ) . Is there any other way to achive the requirement of fetching tax based on ITEM and HSN code associated .
    Please help .

    Pratik Meht

  13. Hi devendra ,
    we need to implement GST tax for india where
    We are not able to DEFINE ITEM Classification in GST tax set ups because we don't have ITEM in our inventory .
    Basically we are looking for a provision where TAX can be fetch on baisis of suppliers GOODS or SERVICE.

    Do we have such provisions please let us know?

    1. Hi

      Please use Tax Rule to default Tax category based on 3rd party registration(Supplier)


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